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The 31-year-old Renat Kunashev, who opened fire in the center of Moscow, was from Kabardino-Balkaria, but he lived in St. Petersburg in recent years. As a result of a shootout with the guards of order, he received a head wound and later died in the hospital . The TFR has published a new record of the incident in the alley Sivtsev Vrazhek incident.

Promulgated footage indicates that the man "uncaused fire" on the passing policeman from the gun Stechkin. Guardians of the law took cover behind parked cars and repulsed the attacker. The shootout lasted about 30 seconds and resulted in the fact that Kunashev, who had spent ammunition, rushed to run, but immediately got a bullet in his head. He was brought to the hospital still alive, but the man could not save his life - he died on the operating table.

Medical help was required and the policeman, who was hospitalized with a leg injury.

On the fact of encroachment on the life of law enforcement officers a criminal case was opened. Investigators are trying to establish the motives of the deceased and establish the origin of the weapons.

It is known that the 31-year-old Kunashev was born and raised in one of the villages of the Baksansky district of Kabardino-Balkaria, and then moved to St. Petersburg, where until 2016 he worked as a loader in the supermarket "Dixie".

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