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Video footage shows the terrifying moment a University of Chicago police officer shot and wounded a student after he charged at him with a metal pipe.

University officials said three campus police officers were responding to a report of a burglary just before 10.15pm Wednesday in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood, which is located near the school.

Police said when they tracked down the suspect, identified as Charles Thomas, he was smashing car and apartment windows with a long metal pipe.

Thomas ignores the officer's warning and continues walking towards the cop, passing a second police cruiser that has arrived at the scene.

'Stop there. Stop there,' the officer yells.

Thomas is heard on the video screaming profanities at the officer.

'What the f*** do you want?', Thomas yells. 'F*** you. F*** you.'

Thomas then appears to run towards the officer who fires a single shot hitting the student in the shoulder.

Thomas drops to the ground screaming.

'F*** you all. I'll see you in hell.' he yells as officers handcuff him.

Thomas was taken to the hospital in serious but stable condition.

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